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Sonata Magnetic Flyer Head - drop ships

Sonata Magnetic Flyer Head - drop ships

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Why do you want the magnetic flyer head? Because it makes changing bobbins a breeze! Just pull the flyer head off swap bobbins and snap the flyer head back on. When you hear/feel the click of the magnet the flyer head is reattached and ready to go. And, the ball bearing spindle offers an incredibly smooth rotation while spinning. 

It comes preassembled and ready  to attach to the wheel post with the twist of a single knob, just like the original Sonata design.

What's also cool about this set-up is that it allows you to use the magnetic jumbo sliding hook flyer that's available for the Fantasia on the Sonata as well. 

Included in the Sonata Flyer Head Kit:

  • Mother-of All Base with maiden
  • 2 whorls 
    • Standard Slow: 5.5:1 and 9.5:1 
    • Standard Fast: 10.5:1 and 15:1) 
  • Magnetic Flyer with Sliding Hooks (comes with brown sliding hooks). Optional colors available. 

Fits standard Kromski Bobbins. 

Available in all 4 Kromski finishes (unfinished, clear, walnut, mahogany)

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