Collection: Knitter's Pride - The Mindful Collection

Knitter's Pride pays tribute to the healing art of knitting with The Mindful Collection Lace Needles. Inspirational words specific to each size are printed on the tips to encourage focus on the meditative aspect of knitting. Your spirit is soothed and reflected in your work. 

The Mindful Collection Lace Circular needles are made of stainless steel offering fine tips perfect for complicated stitch patterns. The tips are just sharp enough to making picking-up stitches a breeze but not so sharp to cause discomfort if you like to work off the tips. The cables are nylon-coated stainless steel thereby they have no memory, so they will not kink or curl, and they are marked at 1 increments so they can double as a tape measure.

All Knitter's Pride products are made in an eco-compliant family-owned enterprise that supports human rights and fair wage employment for women.