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ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Set

ChiaoGoo Forte 2.0 Set

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These are probably some of my most favorite needles currently on the market! 

They are incredibly well machined with a seamless join between the tip and body of the needle. These combine the best of both worlds for people who enjoy the fine points of a stainless steel needle but the feeling of wood needles. I’ve been using these needles daily, knitting everything from a fingering weight lace shawl to a worsted weight sweater and they are just wonderful to use. The only negative I can give these needles are in regard to the swivel cord which in my experience can hang up at the swivel on finer weight yarns. My preference is still for the standard ChiaoGoo red cable which the [S] join size does come with the set. 

All in all, I’m smitten with these needles. The case is thoughtfully designed and includes almost every tool you’d need as a knitter. While this is undoubtedly a spendy set, I do highly recommend them from experienced to beginner knitter as long as you’re beginner who feels like they’ll want to stick with the hobby, otherwise, maybe start with lesser investment. However, if you are an  enthusiastic beginner then this is a great first set of interchangeable needles as this set will likely last you a lifetime.

Below is the nitty gritty regarding the needles:

The Forté 2.0 set includes:

Small [S] join tips (US 2 - US8) are made with stainless steel ends and carbon fiber shafts. 

Large [L] join tips (US9 - US15) are made of stainless steel and Blackwood shafts. But, what is Blackwood? 

Blackwood is very similar in feeling and look to ebony. It is an extremely hard wood that is strong, stiff, and very stable with a lovely fine texture. 

Both the [S] and [L] tips have smooth joins and LITERALLY the perfect grab… not too smooth and not too grabby … I’ve knit everything from super fine slick wool to woollier wool and all of it has glided along nicely. 

The case boasts a thoughtful design and function. Made of REACH compliant man-made material, it includes:

  • Double-sided, removable needle board that firmly holds tips
  • Elastic straps that securely holds but gives easy access to accessories
  • Four (4) pockets to hold your knitting supplies. 
  • The case opens book-style with a full zipper enclosure to ensure nothing falls out.


  • 14 pairs of 5” (13cm) tips ranging from US2 to US15 (2.7mm - 10 mm) including US2.5 (3mm). Tips are permanently laser engraved the diameter and join size. 
  • Cable lengths included:
    • 14” (35cm), 22” (55cm), 30” (75 cm) memory free SWIV360 cables in both the small [S] and large [L] joins. With the tip attached = 24”, 32”, and 40” circular lengths. 
    • 14” (35cm), 22” (55cm), 30” (75 cm) memory free red TWIST cables in both the small [S] and large [L] joins. With the tip attached = 24”, 32”, and 40” circular lengths. 
  • Double sided swatch/needle gauge.
  • Fully stocked tool tin which includes:
    • End stoppers (4) - 2 for the [S] join and 2 for the [L] join. 
    • Tightening Keys (2)
    • Cable Connectors (4)
    • Darning Needles (2) 
    • [L] - [S] Adapters (2)
    • Stitch Markers (20)
    • Safety pins (2)
    • Rubber Gripper 
  • Stainless Steel Scissors - 3.5”
  • Tape Measure 
  • Pen


  • When securing the connection with your tightening key, be sure to hold the tip by its metal join and not the shaft. 
  • Occasionally wipe down your cables with rubbing alcohol to ensure smooth yarn feed. 
  • When removing stoppers from your cable, use 2 tightening keys to loosen the join and then unscrew by hand.
  • Store and handle your cables with care as they are memory free, but are not kink free. 
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