Collection: Combed Top - Merino, Wensleydale, Southdown, Baby Alpaca Blend

37.5% Superwash Merino (23 mic)

25% Wensleydale

25% Southdown

12.5% Baby Alpaca 

4 oz / 115 g

Milled in the U.K. 

ABOUT:  Why this crazy blend??? I had this custom milled because I wanted a soft-ish yarn with good drape that was also somewhat robust.

Superwash Merino - At 23 micron it's a more robust fiber that will resist felting due to being super washed. 

Wensleydale - If you don't know what a Wensleydale sheep looks like, you must Google it... Those long curly ringlets are something! Wensleydale is in the English long wool family. The long, wavy locks bring luster, strength, and drape to the blend. Because of its fiber structure it doesn't felt well,

Southdown -  The "grand ancestor" of the Down breeds. It's a springy, warm wool that felts with difficulty. Great for socks, hats, and mittens, and everyday sweaters. 

Baby Alpaca - Brings additional warmth with a  touch of fluff, softness, and drape. 

What this blend would excel at... handspun socks, hats, shawls, mittens, cardigans, everyday sweaters. The spun yarn has a slight halo.