Collection: Stephen West MKAL Geogradient Sets

What's not to love about Stephen West? ... I still fondly remember my first advanced knitting pattern, the Old Forge blanket from Stephen's, West Knits - Book Three, published in 2012. This was an awesome pattern which I'm sure many people have knit. 

On the back of West Knits - Book Three is a quote from Ragga Eiriksottir stating, "In today's knitting world Stephen is the king of shaping and beautiful drape....". Eleven years later and this still holds true. Stephen's patterns are never dull to knit. So come on already let's get started with the Geogradient MKAL!! ;-) 

My personality runs the gamut from bright and colorful to muted and earthy... I love it ALL! So, here's my take on gradient sets for the MKAL...